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Pacific Skydiving Honolulu Review: A New Way to Experience Hawaii

Pacific Skydiving Honolulu Review: A New Way to Experience Hawaii

Want to try something new on your next visit to Hawaii? Learn all about Pacific Skydiving Honolulu right here.

Aside from relaxing by the beach until sundown, there are tons of other things that you can try on your trip to Honolulu. You can try surfing and sailing, visit historic spots, check out the various museums, go hiking, sample the local delicacies, and explore local natural wonders. If you want to try something more extreme, you ought to consider skydiving.

Oahu offers stunning views from high up, and being able to see it from the sky is definitely a unique and wonderful experience. This makes skydiving in Honolulu a must in a daredevil’s itinerary. 

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Oahu Parachute Center Review: Come Fly With The Friendliest Crew

Oahu Parachute Center Review: Come Fly With The Friendliest Crew

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Want to go on an extreme adventure? Skydiving can be one of the best activities you can try.

With the glowing Oahu Parachute Center reviews, we’ve decided to take a closer look at this team. Lots of people have reported wonderful feedback with them, so they might just be the right crew for you.

The Oahu Parachute Center

Established by a couple of passionate skydivers, the Oahu Parachute Center (OPC) takes pride in being the only Oahu-based drop zone that prioritizes experienced jumpers. So if you’re looking into learning more about skydiving and even pursuing it as a sport, it can be the perfect pick for you.

Most of the competing skydiving centers locally tend to prioritize tandem skydiving. While this isn’t a bad thing at all as the OPC also offers the same services, they’re better known as the go-to team for fun jumpers. 

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Coral Crater Adventure Park Review

There are a lot of zip line tours all over Hawaii but one of the most sought after are the packages offered by Coral Crater Adventure Park. This place is definitely not for the faint of heart but if you’re looking to spend a challenging and thrilling day on the island, surrounded by the best things nature has to offer, then make sure you include this park in your to-do list.

What’s Inside the Park?

In a word – excitement. But let’s break it down, shall we? At the Coral Crater Adventure Park, you’ll find 6 zip lines ranging from 300 to 900 feet long. They also have a state of the art Adventure Tower, where you can try the exhilarating aerial adventure challenge course. You’ll be swinging and jumping way above the ground. But don’t worry, there’s a safety harness to ensure you don’t fall!

And that’s not all. 

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Skydive Hawaii Review

There’s nothing quite like skydiving. The adrenaline rush you’ll get is like no other and you can really feel a sense of accomplishment

once you’re done. If you’re traveling to Hawaii and you’re thinking of giving skydiving a try, check out Skydive Hawaii. It is the largest skydiving facility in all of Hawaii, making it the ideal choice for beginners and experienced skydivers alike.

It’s quite a ways from Waikiki so I suggest hiring a nice Honolulu limousine service to take you there. The scenic views are incredible, so being chauffeured there will allow you to enjoy it and get your mind right before your jump!

Your First Jump

Many of Skydive Hawaii’s clients never tried skydiving before. But Skydive Hawaii’s team is comprised of professional and licensed USPA instructors and they know exactly how to make your first jump memorable, safe and a whole lot of fun.  If you’re a first timer, their tandem skydive is for you.

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Wet ‘N’ Wild Hawaii Review

If you’re planning to go to Hawaii with your family, spend a day at Wet ‘N’ Wild  Hawaii. This park guarantees a whole day of fun for adults, teens and young kids alike. In this Wet ‘N’ Wild Hawaii review, we’ll take a closer look at the park’s rides, attractions and other information you need to know before your visit.

You can reach Wet ‘N’ Wild from Waikiki by driving through the H1 freeway to the west side of Oahu. Or you can take a nice luxury limo ride and enjoy the scenic views while heading there.

Rides and Attractions

A ticket to Wet ‘N’ Wild Hawaii costs only $49.99 plus tax for general admission. If you’re 42” under and older than 3 years old, a ticket will cost $37.99 plus tax. Kids 2 years old and younger can get in for free, while seniors who are at least 65 as well as handicapped individuals only need to pay $37.99 plus tax. Residents get a “Kama’aiana” discount with a valid ID or a military ID are also given discounts and will only need to pay $36.99 plus tax.

So what do you get in exchange for your money? Plenty of fun – that’s for sure! The rides are divided into 3 categories: Chill, Moderate, and Extreme. 

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Royal Hawaiian Catamaran Review

If you’re looking for Hawaii boat tours, you might have come across the Royal Hawaiian Catamaran. This boat tour company is very popular, as it was featured in a Hollywood film which starred Jennifer Aniston and Ben Stiller, titled Along Came Polly. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at what they have to offer.

Sailing in Hawaii

Island hopping and sailing through the crystal clear waters of Hawaii are activities that are not to be missed when you’re here. If you have the budget for it, get a yacht charter for some first-class sightseeing by sea. You’ll see whales and dolphins, as you enjoy a sip of your cold drink in the complete privacy and comfort of your own boat. And if you want, you can also go snorkeling and watch sea turtles, corals and schools of fish swimming around you.

There are many Hawaii boat tours you can choose from but there are a handful of reasons why the Royal Hawaiian Catamaran is a favorite among tourists.

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Dolphin Excursions Hawaii

When planning your activities for your much-awaited vacation, make sure to include Hawaii dolphin tours. Whether you’re traveling with your family, your spouse or with friends, seeing dolphins, whales and other sea creatures will surely make your trip more memorable.

Of the dozens of dolphin tour companies you can find here, one name stands out: Dolphin Excursions. It boasts of being able to give their clients the most exciting dolphin and whale watching tours in Oahu. Let’s take a closer look at what they have to offer.

The Dolphin Excursions Crew

The people behind Dolphin Excursions are the main reason why they’re so popular. Led by Captain Victor Lozano who himself has been guiding guests in Hawaii for close to 3 decades, the entire crew is very passionate about dolphins, whales and other marine life and they want to show their guests just how beautiful these creatures can be.

Dolphin Excursions has 4 captains who all have many years of experience maneuvering the remote West side Coastline of Oahu. They also have 4 photographers so if you want to preserve your memories of your dolphin tour, then you can avail of a photo package as well.

Activities Offered by Dolphin Excursions